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Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske

Complaints, Reviews, Common Sense with Carrie Jeske

I’m amazed at how many people believe complaints, reviews or complements they read online. It’s marketing, you know? Remember when people used to think what they read in newspapers and magazines and saw on TV shows was real? Then we discovered the whole industry of Public Relations (PR) and realized for $5,000 a month a good PR company can have anyone on Good Morning America, as an expert.

Coaches promote signed licensing agreements for product that were simply tested but failed; never making the inventor a dime.   Inventors should not believe everything written online for the good or the bad.   Use your common sense and intuition about people and soberly discern the right next steps for your product.

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It’s the same thing with online reviews now. I recently read a list of very positive reviews for a company every industry insider knows is a scammer. They sounded wonderful. Five Stars. People loved them! There were glowing reviews starting with the initial call by an inventor and what great phone service was provided. Then another reviewer discussed the contracts and how simple to understand they were. I read on to find what fantastic customer service and order fulfillment processes this company had. Then, more about how satisfied and happy with the specific services (written keyword friendly, how convenient.), even sighting employee names, as if they were long lost friends, who’d been reunited.

Seriously? Do people really believe this? It’s a Social Networking Expert, you know. For $5,000 a month (or $5 on Fiverr), you can hire a company to write positive reviews and post them all over the internet. It’s just business. Specifically… it’s todays marketing. Lets go negative.

The Wild Wild West of Online Complaints & Reviews

Anyone can say anything, anytime. Do you think some people might actually be crazy, unbalance, manic? As a semi public figure who’s just posted a few educational videos online for inventors, in a pretty small market segment; I get hassled online all the time. People make all kinds of comments, tweets, reviews based on whatever popped into their head at the moment. True, untrue, fact, fiction, opinion, emotional response, bad hair day…. who knows why? I’ve been threatened by people I’ve never met or worked with in any capacity.

The sad thing is it hurts people and it hurts business. Back in the day, the Better Business Bureau used to be the gold standard of who’s who in the scammer company zoo. Business didn’t like them much because no one wants negative information shared, but at least they required a specific injustice be sited. They required a confirmed real person making a real complaint of a legitimate contractual infraction. Also offer a real opportunity to rebut or make restitution. They provided a true chance for customer satisfaction where parties could agree on how to make a situation right. It was an uncomfortable pain in the butt (as fixing all true
mistakes is), but it worked. Now, they are a relic.

Be Careful!

We have every manner of Rip Off Report, Pissed Customer, Consumer Advocate, Watch Dog, Social Network where anyone can post anything at anytime. What a great platform for disreputable competitors and the temporarily insane.

These sites will post anything, any time, by anyone. Real, anonymous or made up people with real or made up facts. That seems disreputable to me.

They promote slander under the disguise of public helps. Under the banner of justice. Once names of the accused are locked in, “never to be removed from the public domain”, the real scam begins. Many start an email campaign warning the accused that their company name or personal name may on the verge of “irreparable damage if you don’t act now!” For a small fee, they guarantee to bury or remove all negative information for a price. Hmmm, how convenient for them. The ole’ scammers scam. I hope all the class action law suits against these sites sort out the honest truth.

Are Some Inventors Temporarily Insane?

Lets discuss the “temporarily insane”.  That’s something I and most inventors have fallen victim to at one time or another. We love, love, love our own ideas and when we put money into them, the emotional connection borders on worship. (You know it’s true.) When others don’t value it or recognize it’s splendor, that makes no logical sense. Snap. Temporary insanity begins. It happens all the time and now there’s an internet where people can post…. WHAT? Anything, anytime, as anyone. Bottom line…. my grandma used to tell me to have Horse Sense? I’m not sure really how much sense that actually is, but if a company wants money to provide a service for your great new product and has no current product success stories, you might want to reconsider. It may be as simple as that.

Whatever you do you can count on me to tell you the truth, as my experience sees it. I’ll be candid and direct. You won’t always like my advice.

The Truth Hurts!

When you spend money on an invention, it’s a high risk, high return play. Most inventions fail. Most patents don’t produce a financial gain. Never spend more then you can afford to lose and realize sometimes it does take money, to make money. Show some Horse Sense about it. Whether you’re an independent inventor or a big company, the game is the same. Find and/or develop a product mass market consumers buy and get a small piece of the upside.

If you’re a fair minded, reasonable inventor, call or write me anytime. I value long term, honest relationships with real people. I hope we get lucky on a product together. If not, I guess I’ll skim past your posts online (whoever you are) and not let the door hit me in the back.

Onward & Upward,

Carrie Jeske

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