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John Calvert, USPTO interview by Carrie Jeske

John Calvert, administrator of the USPTO’s Inventors Assistance Program  sat down with Carrie Jeske at the Kansas Regional Independent Inventors Conference. Many topics were discussed and the conference was a great success.     In this clip, Carrie askes John to comment […]

Product Royalty Rates – GREED is never good.

With product royalty rates, greed is never good.    Many inventors end up signing licensing agreements that terminate, never paying a dime, because they negotiated out the very partners needed to succeed.   Launching new products is expensive.   You’ll […]

Hostgator Product Website

Hostgator Product Website Hostgator does a good job with websites at a low cost.   It’s a good first step for most inventors. If you’re starting to sell your Intellectual Property or your product, you need a website.    I love […]

Inventing Products For DRTV

Inventing Products For DRTV Inventing products for the direct response television (DRTV) industry is the fastest. Least expensive way an inventor can make money on  a new product idea.   In this video, Carrie Jeske, shares 15 years of experience […]

Carrie Jeske on KCPT for R2Fact Product Development

KCPT explores inventing, product development in Kansas City! Product development and product design are important considerations to any inventor or product developer. Inventive Ideas, Carrie Jeske, serves, on contract,  as a Director of Marketing for R2FACT Product Development.            Watch […]

Carrie Jeske reviews on LinkedIn

Carrie Jeske Review. Review by 48 people on LinkedIn. “Carrie is 100% devoted to bringing inventor’s and everyday people’s ideas to the As Seen on Tv market. She is prompt to respond about your idea submission with a yes or […]

7 Criteria for TV Products (As Seen on TV)

  ASOTV Product Criteria. This is one of the most important blogs to read and understand because it tells inventors EXACTLY what is required for a product to be successfully sold on TV, by Inventive Ideas licensors.    Sure, there are products that have […]

How To Protect Ideas with The Inventor Notebook

-note 1/16/16 – Inventor Notebooks have less value with the passing of America Invents laws. Here is a link to an up to date Playlist on my YouTube channel. Protect Ideas Protect ideas using an Inventor Notebook is the perfect way […]

Can Inventive Ideas help me sell my product or license my invention?

Can Inventive Ideas help me sell my product or license my invention? Yes, with a disclaimer . If you can’t get traction in licensing or you just want to manufacture and sell the product yourself, we can help. Disclaimer…. Don’t […]

Should I Give Up on My Product Invention?

Should I Give Up on My Product Invention? Paul writes, “Thank you for responding. It’s rough when your idea isn’t moving, but it’s hell being ignored. You are one of the few people that takes the few minutes it takes […]